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  • Hailun

    Acoustic Pianos

Mantova's Two Street Music sells Hailun Acoustic Pianos!

The premium piano brand has won many awards, earning special praise for the HG178 Grand Piano!


Take the time and visit Mantovas.  You are invited to play the pianos in the comfort of the store.

Of course there are a lot of piano brands in production, but Hailun stands out.  The music industry has given Hailun many awards over the years!

Hailun Innovations

- Five Axis Machining, with advanced Japanese CNC equipment assures that all the critical components are precisely manufactured.  When combined with traditional hand crafting, the final product is an equisite work of beauty.

- Permanent Action Stability; occurs when using a cast aluminum structure to reinforce the piano's keybed.  The result is consistent action response throughout the instrument.  Your upright piano will never be obsolete, because the entire bed can be easily replaced. Read More Here.

- XS Pins; The specialized tuning pins will keep your Hailun Piano in tune longer as the threads create a system of "grippers" into the pinblock.  Who wants to hire a piano tuner all the time?

- HLPS Lid Safety; It's so important to have a piano that won't accidently hurt your child's fingers!  The Hailun Limb Protection System removes the majority of weight from the grand piano lid.  Resulting in a lid that can be easily raised and lowered, providing safety to teachers and students alike.  Read More Here.  


A Wide Selection at Mantova's 

There are plenty of Hailun Piano models to choose from at Mantova's Two Street Music.  Prices range from affordable to heirloom-quality.  The upright pianos bring pleasing playability and big sound to any room they enter, while the grand pianos add elegance and the very best experience you can imagine!




The picture below shows the Hailun Vertical Professional Series.  The features that propel this piano to the front of the line include:

- Duralumin Key Bed - a patented process that creates the most stable key bed frame available.

- Full Perimeter Plate - goes a long way to maintaining the integrity of the string alignment and solid construction of the piano.  The hole sites for the tuning pins are precisely drilled with state-of-the-art CNC equipment to insure consistent spring speaking lengths for clarity and optimal tonal quality.

- Specially deisigned Soundboard - Hailun has integrated new technology with traditional techniques to create soundboards with vibration and acoustic properties, with varying thickness to ensure ultimate projection and tone quality.

- Cold Press - Piano hammers are cold pressed with quality FFW German felt which creates tones traditionally associated with European and American pianos.

- 5 Pin Block - The multi-laminated pin block is constructed of select, high quality hard rock maple using the latest European technology.  Combined with the patented XS Tuning Pin, the result is superior tuning and longevity of the piano.


Piano Lessons are available and encouraged at Mantova's Two Street Music.  You are invited to contact Piano Teacher Alexander Knight, and set up an appointment today!